(Updated September 2023)

What’s new/coming soon in our Lads’ world?

Glad you asked!

  • A Christmas Harbor: A M/M Romance Novella is now available! (Note: This is NOT part of the Glasgow Lads series but a completely standalone book.)
  • Green Grows the Holly, a FREE Glasgow Lads Holiday Short (Fergus & John short story)
  • Playing by Ear, Glasgow Lads Book 5 (Jamie & Perry), coming some time in 2024

In which order should I read the Glasgow Lads series?

It’s up to you! Each book in the series stands alone and has a happy ending with no cliffhanger.

That said, there is an overall arc to the series as we follow the ups and downs of the Woodstoun Warriors Amateur Football Club. Most of the main characters are friends or teammates, so they make frequent and significant appearances in one another’s books.

Here is the chronological order of the series (a few are concurrent but follow different characters):

Some readers have told me they started with Playing for Keeps, then stuck with Fergus & John for their short story, “Play It Safe,” before reading the rest of the series. That sounds fun! It’s also spoiler-free, as “Play It Safe” makes no mention of the events of Playing to Win.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping “Play It Safe” before reading Playing With Fire. Something HUGE happens at the end of “Play It Safe,” and if you read about it after the fact in PWF, it’ll spoil the surprise. Make it easy on yourself by getting the collection Glasgow Lads Books 1-3, which includes “Play It Safe.”

Do these followup shorts mean the novels don’t have true HEAs?

Not at all! The novels provide Happy Ever Afters, and the shorts provide HAPPIER Ever Afters.

Given the ages of my books’ protagonists (18-25) and the obstacles they overcome to be together, it made sense to revisit each couple a few months (or years, in Duncan and Brodie’s case) later to see how they were getting on. The followups show how the love between these lads grows deeper, stronger, and more genuine as their weeks together turn into months and years.

What’s with the name?

Avery Cockburn (rhymes with Savory Slow Churn) is a pseudonym or pen name. I know it looks porny, but Cockburn is actually a Scottish surname originally meaning “wild bird (or possibly hill) by the stream” (burn = stream in Scots). I chose it because I wanted a unique, eye-catching name that made me happy when I saw it.

Cockburn coat of arms

Only later did it strike me that Avery Cockburn creates the world’s greatest celebrity nickname: A-Cock.