Cicadas: A Totally Ordinary Epic Love Story

Cicadas: A Totally Ordinary Epic Love Story
eBook: $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99
Genres: Contemporary Romance, LGBT
Tag: Sensuality = Hot
Publication Year: June 20 2024
Format: Kindle, Paperback (Audiobook to come!)
Length: Novel

A whimsical, era-hopping tale of a love that transcends time, space, and trillions of bug-eyed troubadours. Cicadas is a stand-alone novel of queer love and second chances, with the Happiest of Ever Afters.

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About the Book

What if you had a second chance at a second chance?

One day in 1987

Budding scientist Joel and cowboy-quarterback Danny meet amid the arrival of seventeen-year cicadas. Like the loud, lusty insects, the boys bond through song, reveling in the heat and hope of early summer—until fate tears them apart.

One night in 2004

During the next wave of cicadas, Joel and Dan find their connection stronger than ever. Boyhood fascination becomes an irresistible (and inconvenient!) passion, one that will unite and divide them for another seventeen years.

One love to last a lifetime

At the dawn of 2021, Joel and Daniel reach out, and in a heartbeat, the years and miles between them fall away. But to make their next reunion last forever, they must face their troubled pasts and embrace their boundless future.

Cicadas is a uniquely American, ridiculously romantic tale about memory, nostalgia, and the courage to dance into an untold tomorrow.

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