Meet Team Smiley 2/5 – Ross Buchanan

Continuing this week’s celebration of the World Men’s Curling Championship, the spotlight remains on Throwing Stones (Glasgow Lads on Ice Book 1, currently on sale through Sunday and also available in paperback).

Young blond man quoted, "We were a sorry bunch of pretenders, but you wanted us anyway."

Ross isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He’s the last person in the entire curling rink to learn that Luca and Oliver are having a “secret” affair, and when the team holds an impromptu “Mad Tea Party” (with whisky and bourbon) at an abandoned lighthouse, he’s assigned the least flattering character:

“Luca’s definitely the Hatter,” Garen said, “cos of that fucking mental cap.”

Luca just smiled and preened the white bunny whiskers on his forehead.

“But it’s a rabbit hat,” David said, “so he should be the March Hare.”

“Don’t be so literal.” Garen gestured with his chipped teacup. “You’re the March Hare, cos you’re the hare-iest. Ross is definitely the Dormouse.”

Ross pouted. “Why am I the Dormouse?”

Throwing Stones, Chapter 7

Still, beneath his big, broad chest beats a heart full of quiet confidence in his teammates and a deep loyalty to his skip. Whether it’s bucking up Garen after a less-than-perfect hit or discreetly offering Luca a tissue when he’s getting emotional at the sight of Oliver, Ross is the kind of stalwart second any curling team would kill for.

Besides, the man brushes like a badass.

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