They’re out. They’re proud. They’re a wee bit daft.

Meet the Warriors, an all-LGBT football/soccer team from Glasgow, Scotland, as they seek and find love, one lad at a time. Glasgow Lads is an ongoing series of stand-alone, interconnected contemporary LGBTQ romance books.


A new Glasgow Lads on Ice book is here! Must Love Christmas is a heartwarming stand-alone novel where love defies fear and gingerbread defies gravity. Order Must Love Christmas or add it to your Goodreads list now.

Must Love Christmas, a Glasgow Lads
on Ice novel (Garen & Simon)

The latest book from the main Glasgow Lads series (the one with football/soccer) is Play Hard, Liam & Robert’s followup novella, which is 100% fun.

Book cover Play Hard, two young men snuggling on a bed with a tartan green cover
Play Hard, a Glasgow Lads book (Robert & Liam novella)

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