They’re out. They’re proud. They’re a wee bit daft.

Meet the Warriors, an all-LGBT football/soccer team from Glasgow, Scotland, as they seek and find love, one lad at a time. Glasgow Lads is an ongoing series of stand-alone, interconnected contemporary LGBTQ romance books.


A new Glasgow Lads book is out! Play Hard is Liam & Robert’s followup novella, and it’s 100% fun.

Play Hard, Glasgow Lads Book 4.5
(Liam & Robert novella)

The latest full-length Glasgow Lads novel is Playing in the Dark, the long-awaited tale of undercover agent Evan Hollister, who falls for Ben Reid, a wedding planner who can’t keep a secret to save his life—literally.

BONUS: Read a FREE Playing in the Dark prequel story written for the 2018 Rainbow Advent Calendar. “Auld Lang Syne” shows how Evan and Ben forged an unforgettable connection at Fergus’s wedding. It contains no Playing in the Dark spoilers, but if you’ve got any heart at all you’ll find it a challenge not to read that book immediately. 😀

Playing in the Dark, Glasgow Lads Book 4 (Evan & Ben)

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